Buying and Taking Care of the Retro Car: Tips for the Motorist

Buying a collection car is no less a safe investment than purchasing real estate, securities, or other antiques. Prices for certain models of retro cars are growing by 10-15% per year. The increase in price depends on the following criteria:

> brand of the auto,
> its rarity and exclusivity,
> availability at the time of release,
> the number of copies made,
> participation in historical events,
> belonging to prominent personalities, etc.

Buying a retro car belongs to the segment of “passion investments”, just like this passion entertainment url. Having such an item allows you not only to store it in the garage and show it to your friends but also to take part in exhibitions, rallies, competitions of retro cars, auctions. Among retro vehicles, there are collectible and classic autos. Collectible cars are very limited edition vehicles that belong to the luxury class at the time of their production. Classic cars are those made 50 or more years ago.

How to Take Care of the Retro Auto?

By purchasing a retro car to make a profit, its owner pays for its storage, restoration, repair, maintenance, and exterior care in order to keep the car in excellent condition. Only in this case, the retro car will bring considerable profit.

1)    Follow the maintenance schedule

The aging process is inevitable, not only for people but also for technology. However, a little wear is not critical, it gives the car its individual charm and character. The main thing is to keep the insides of the vehicle in order. There is no reason to stop driving a retro car if its internal mechanisms work. Follow the maintenance schedule according to the instructions of your service center. Change oil periodically, replenish brake and transmission fluids, replace parts as needed.

2)    Make timely and immediate repairs

Start saving money monthly for car repairs. In case there are any problems, it will be easier for you to carry out immediate repairs. If you operate a car with problematic mechanisms, this puts more load on the rest of the elements, and everything begins to fail in accordance with the domino effect, which will lead to even greater costs. For example, you shouldn’t tolerate corrosion. Once it starts, it is like a bad disease that can ruin many elements of the transport until it collapses.

3)    Customization and tuning

Each owner of a retro car is unique, and their vehicle is a means of self-expression. You can choose the body material (aluminum, plastic, carbon), the appropriate chassis (engine power, transmission type, drive), and formulate your wishes for the interior tuning, additional options, and auxiliary systems. All your brave ideas may come true.

Old-timers in Germany: the Eternal Love

In Germany, there are about a million retro cars. This term is used to define machines manufactured more than 30 years ago, in good condition, with mostly original components and mechanisms, and capable of moving independently. 170 thousand old-timers in Germany received special license plates, proving that the car is truly unique and historically valuable.

Until recently, rarities were available only to people who were really rich. Now everything has become easier – active and well-groomed “veterans” can be found on the roads of Germany every day. The vast majority of German old-timers cost no more than 15 thousand euros. According to statistics, out of 41 million passenger cars registered in Germany, about a million are over 30 years old. On average, they drive no more than 1,5 thousand kilometers per year.

Having bought such a car, a person, as a rule, immediately finds a club of like-minded people. This helps in finding spare parts and organizing leisure activities. In summer, when the weather is fine, the members of the clubs make collective trips on their “rarities” around the beautiful cities and roads of Germany and Europe to see the world and show themselves.

The Best Investment

In times of crisis, really rare retro cars are almost the best investment of capital. Nowadays, people no longer believe in money, stocks, or gold. Still, this is really a risky idea, so you should prepare for this purchase with decent attention.

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