Horse Power
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Horse Power - A Car Show and Fundraiser for The Equestrian Association for the Disabled

Head to to register your car or bike! If you don't have a car to bring, come anyway to see everyone else's car, browse some vendors, hear a comedian, meet the MP, sit in an F1 car, sample some great food, or go on a balloon ride! TEAD makes miracles happen when they provide horse based therapy to people with PTSD, speech challenges, cerebral palsy, and many other ailments. The staff at TEAD create a connection between the rider and the horse that opens up possibilities that can lead to positive therapy, and literally change lives like they have for my son who is autistic and has challenges with speech. Let's come together to give a miracle of support back to TEAD with Horse Power!

Date: Aug 7
Location: Binbrook, Ontario
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