Status: For Sale
Year: 1937
Make: Morgan
Model: 4/4
Price :


Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Class: Antique
Body Style: Convertible
Engine: 4 cyl.
Transmission: 4-speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Mileage: 5741

Upholstery: Leather
Doors: 2
Exterior Colour: Maroon
Interior Colour: Black
Exterior Condition: Excellent
Interior Condition: Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Excellent
Chassis Condition: Excellent
Trunk Condition: Excellent

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FOR SALE: a 1937 Morgan 4/4 (VIN #0332)
The car was brought to Canada in 1971. The restoration started in 2015 and finished in 2019. It was showed at British Car Day in 2019 where it came 2nd.
The car has been rebuilt to make it as original as possible with a few modern upgrades for safety. Originally the car had no indicators and just one single combined tail and stop light. It now has combined “pork pie” lamps at the rear either side of the number plate which contain tail, stop, indicator and license plate lights. A third “pork pie” stop lamp is mounted above the license plate for safety. Front indicator lights are also now fitted with the side lamps. All lights are LED, including the headlight bulbs except for the front side and indicator lamps and the fog light, which is of the original type but would have been a passing light in 1937.
The original 3 brush generator has been replaced with a later 2 brush version, genuine Lucas and bought and rebuilt at high cost in the U.K. The car would not have had a voltage regulator in 1937 but a Lucas CFR2 cutout. This was replaced with a modern digital voltage regulator to match the generator. The car was completely rewired with original style cloth covered wiring from Autosparks in England.  The instruments were bought from Morgan Series One guru George Proudfoot in England and all were completely rebuilt including a new capillary sensor for water temperature.
The Coventry Climax engine is not the original one when the car was sold back in 1937 but is of EXACTLY the same type and version. It was rebuilt by Martin Beer. It did not require new white metal bearings but the bores were sleeved to bring the engine back to original dimensions. New pistons, valves, bearings, etc. all were fitted. A new oil pump was fitted and new gears for the distributor drive. The radiator was cleaned. The chrome surround is original and is not perfect. These engines use the thermo-syphon cooling method and have no water pump. This one has a Davies-Craig EWP80 electric water pump as many of these engine blocks crack between the 2nd and 3rd cylinders. This engine has no cracks and was magna fluxed for Martin Beer when he rebuilt the engine. The water pump is computer controlled and works wonderfully and also operates an electric fan on the rear of the radiator.
New bearings and oil seals were installed in the Meadows 4 speed gearbox and the rear axle. The brakes are the rod and cable type and the cables were replaced. All new brake shoes with soft linings were installed. The Andre Hartford shock absorbers were rebuilt too. New rear springs from Morgan Spares were installed. Everything that could be rechromed was done except the radiator surround.
Repairs were made to two parts of the chassis. About 98% or more of the wood was replaced with ash as used on the car originally. The bonnet had to have some repairs on the corners and this was done by a body specialist. All metal panels were sandblasted back to bare metal. The doors were reskinned along with new metal from the back of the doors to the rear. Brand new wings of the correct type were located and installed. Horsehair, as original, and hessian was used along with black grained leather on both the seat back and seat bottoms. The same leather was used on the doors and rear luggage area. Marine plywood was used for the floors.
The steering wheel is the correct “George Ashby” Brooklands type, it was made for this car specially in England. The inside door releases are rarely seen on most Series Ones, this car has them along with the rare bakelite dashboard lights. The car also has a badge from the agent that supplied the car originally: Bowman and Acock of Malvern, Worcs. Morgan never sold cars directly to the public but they would supply the cars to Bowman and Acock just down the road from the factory.
The car has 6 new Avon Tourist tyres.
The original top and side screens come with the car, they will need to be remade and fitted to complete the picture.
The car was present at the very first Morgan 4/4 meeting at Kegworth in June, 1951 and the car is prominent in a photo from that meeting. The original number plate was BNP 986, a Worcs. plate, this car comes with the original plates along with a continuation log book starting 1970 or so. See photo in the gallery. Note it was “upgraded” with a slightly later radiator grille dating from 1938 or so, presumably to make it look more modern like the postwar cars. However this car has the original style grille made for this project by Vintage Sheet Metal, in Malvern.
Buy this car for only $53,000.00 CDN., 31,500GBP or $39,950.00 U.S.

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