Status: For Sale
Year: 1945
Make: Fudge
Model: Snow-Sedan
Price :


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Class: Antique
Body Style: Coupe
Engine: Continental
Transmission: Automatic

Upholstery: Vinyl
Doors: 2
Exterior Colour: Blue
Interior Colour: Blue
Exterior Condition: Excellent
Interior Condition: Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Excellent
Chassis Condition: Excellent
Trunk Condition: Excellent

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FOR SALE: a 1945 Fudge Snow-Sedan

This vehicle was built in the 1940’s and sold to farmers for rapid transport across frozen fields. This particular example is owned by the son of one of the original builders. In recent years, it has been fully restored and functions “as new”. Its propellor is powered by a Continental engine, the engine has been completely rebuilt. There are many spare parts that come with the vehicle. The custom built trailer is a part of the package. If you want a unique piece of transportation history, this is for you. Own this vehicle for only $39,500.00 CDN.

Contact: Maurice Bramhall

Local: 416-822-0098 — Toll Free: 1-800-265-4187
Email: [email protected]

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