Status: For Sale
Year: 1972
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Price :


Location: Toronto
Class: Classic
Body Style: 2 Door GT Coupe
Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 372 mi

Doors: 2 Door
Exterior Colour:
Interior Colour:
Exterior Condition: Excellent
Interior Condition: Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Excellent
Chassis Condition: Excellent
Trunk Condition: Excellent

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The interior has been completely restored. The seats have been trimmed with new covers in an original style pattern. The original seats both front and rear are currently being retrimmed with an Audi style pattern and material, they will be installed when completed. The carpeting is a new replacement set. The roof liner is new. The fascia crash pad is new. The instrument cluster is a completely new fabrication utilizing modern Sport Comp gauges to replace the originals. The stereo system has been replaced with an AM/FM/CD unit. The car is equipped with an Interceptor Tracking Systems security/alarm system.

Body and Paint

All facets of the body shell have been refinished as per factory original specs including inner and exterior surfaces. The rear fenders have been reshaped to give more room for the rim/tire combination. All body shell panels are in excellent corrosion and damage free condition. The engine compartment has been refinished to “better than new” condition. The hood is in excellent corrosion free condition. The door skins are in excellent corrosion free condition. The trunk lid and interior are in excellent corrosion free condition. The floor pan has been refinished to “better than new” condition. All the chrome trim are new replacement parts. All the light fittings are new replacement parts.


The engine is a 556 V8, aluminium motor – Full Polished finish

The power train, braking, suspension, steering, A/C and electrical systems are all completely new. The engine and most of the ancillary components have been polished to a high sheen. The building of this project has been carried out by a professional GM specialist. The cooling system is a custom designed radiator and tank with 8,000 CFM fans. The braking system is by Wilwood. The rear end is by Mosier. The wheels are custom machined billet alloy units with new rubber.


All the glass in the vehicle has been replaced with new General Motors parts.

In summation:

This is a professionally restored performance enhanced automobile. Every facet of the project has been custom designed and built to provide modern power and reliability inside the envelope of a classic Camaro body. Every effort has been made to engineer to the highest possible standards available today. To set a replacement cost value on this vehicle to date, we have taken the total of the restoration list given above.

All facets of car: Excellent.

Mileage since restoration showing on odometer.

Buy this Performance Classic for only $ 115,000.00

Contact: Maurice Bramhall
Local: 416-822-0098 — Toll Free: 1-800-265-4187

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