How Classic Cars Could Become Used Friendly for Disabled Motorists

How Classic Cars Could Become Used Friendly for Disabled MotoristsToday’s automobiles are packed with all kinds of terrific features that make driving much more user-friendly. In fact, there has been a sharp increase in disabled motorists in recent years due to the fact that there have been so many amazing advancements that can make driving much easier.

The Classic Car Market
Unfortunately, the classic car market is one which is slightly behind in this department. These sought after vehicles are victims of their age in that many are not particularly user-friendly. This is a shame, as there are many people that would love to get behind the wheel of a classic but are currently unable to.

Possible Modifications
That is not to say that it is impossible to make a classic into an automobile that is suitable for disabled drivers. Many of the features that enable an individual with a disability to drive safely are added to the automobile by a certified mobility equipment dealer. This could include installing a joystick to steer the car or pedals that are controlled by hand. This is something that they may consider doing provided that it was safe to do so.

Another aspect to consider is wheelchair accessibility. You will obviously never be able to convert a classic sports car into a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but this could be an option for larger classic cars (like a Land Rover). Wheelchair accessible vehicles are modified standard automobiles, so there is no reason why a large classic car could not be converted and fitted with a ramp or lift system.

The Future
Currently, you will see modern automobiles that have been adapted available from specialists like Allied Fleet. You could soon see classic cars becoming modified too with the increase in the number of disabled motorists joining the roads. The cost could be high, but there is nothing greater than getting behind the wheel of a classic car.

Of course, the main aspect to remember is that adapting a vehicle so that it is suitable for a disabled motorist is all about safety, practicality and comfort for the individual. It is essential that the individual feels confident and safe behind the wheel, which is why currently it is the newer automobiles that are being adapted for use.

There is no doubt a high demand for classic cars that have been adapted, so with the rise in disabled motorists and the constant strides in amazing technology and adaptations that can be made, it is easy to see this becoming reality in the near future.

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