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Lexol Leather Cleaner and Connolly Hide Care

Lexol Leather Cleaner
One of the most underappreciated aspects of automotive interior trim is the care and treatment of leather hides. From the day that the leather has been prepared by the tannery it continues to lose the original oils that keep it supple, soft-to-touch, and its unique aroma. By replacing the lost oils for very minimal cost and labour input, you protect the interior trim and maintain its appearance and tactile qualities. See more about Lexol Leather Cleaner.

Connolly Hide Care

South Wind Gas Heaters
South Wind gas heaters are easy to install and have an attractive Art-Deco look that fit perfectly with old cars. For comfortable, efficient heat in your old car, install a reconditioned Stewart-Warner South Wind heater – more details.

Diecast Model Cars (Autosculpt)
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