1952 Mack B33 Tractor Truck

1952 Mack B33 Tractor Truck
FOR SALE: 1952 Mack B33 Tractor Truck

This tractor has been dormant for the last 10 years. More information on the listing page.



Rocket Truck at Barrett-Jackson Auction, Florida

Custom Freightliner - modified vehicleWe recently attended the Barrett-Jackson classic auto auction in Palm Beach Florida and came across this modified Freightliner custom truck. They call it the “Xtreme Machine”.

If you want to see “OVER THE TOP” look at the truck. Its so far from reality it boggles the mind. The workmanship is beautiful, its totally integrated. I’m sure 2 miles to the gallon is the fuel consumption on a good day. It never fails to amaze me what the human mind can put their skills to!!