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Business Info: 510 Massey Road, Unit 3 Guelph Ontario N1K 1B4 Canada Home Phone: 519-803-8581
Categories: Auto Body Repair, Classic Car Restoration, Vintage Automobiles
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Wes Barbour has always had a love of cars, art and fabrication. He discovered his love for the automotive world at his neighbor’s body shop when he was 15. After learning and working there for 4 years, he decided to enter Centennial College to pursue his love of custom car restoration and design. There he began to learn about sheet metal fabrication and obtained his Red Seal in the auto body trade.

At 20, he landed a prestigious position working with one of Ontario’s most respected restoration facilities. There he was able to work along side some of the best in the business. In just a few years, he was promoted and entrusted as their sole metal fabricator.

Ever the entrepreneur, Wes founded Vintage Tin with the belief that metal shaping and fabrication is a form of artwork that can be approached with a sense of mastery and quality. His years of knowledge, his skillset, his precision work and his extreme attention to detail has allowed him to work along side shops and with customers from around the work to build the highest quality restoration projects, sheet metal fabrications and rust repairs on some of the world’s most sought after and prestigious cars.


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