Cars Go Down with the Ship Edition

It’s everywhere in the news this week, “boat adrift in the Atlantic with a thousand Porsches on board”. Back in 1955, the Andrea Doria went down with a famous Chrysler prototype on board called the Norseman. We also understand that on that same boat was a custom built Ghia limousine destined for the Eaton organization. I’m currently selling a 1937 Rolls-Royce that was actually built in 1987. My client who was a Rolls-Royce expert all his adult life decided to build a Sedanca style vehicle on a chassis that was originally a hearse. To reduce the risk of losing it on the sinking of a boat, he had the coach-built body flown from England to Toronto in the hold of a Boeing 747. The finished vehicle went on to be a concours show winner many times. Is there a lesson from this? Buy the correct insurance to cover your vehicle for all eventualities when it is being shipped.


Lipstick on a PigLIPSTICK ON A PIG
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