Bramhall Classic Auto

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Cars Go Down with the Ship Edition

It’s everywhere in the news this week, “boat adrift in the Atlantic with a thousand Porsches on board”. Back in 1955, the Andrea Doria went down with a famous Chrysler […]

1960 Jaguar MKII

Never corroded

1948 MG TC

A turn key classic

Do you remember your first car ride?

I was five or six years old in 1951. My father’s friend took us to London for the Great Exhibition. I don’t remember the Exhibition but I do remember my […]

Vehicle Maintenance: How It Helps Alleviate Financial Stress

A car that runs smoothly is truly a beautiful thing. But maintaining a vehicle can be a complicated undertaking. Obviously, in a perfect world, your car would never have any […]

Classic Car vs. Traditional Investment

Classic cars have always attracted investors, especially car enthusiasts. But can these cars stand their ground against traditional investments? Let’s see.