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Buying and Taking Care of the Retro Car: Tips for the Motorist

Buying a collection car is no less a safe investment than purchasing real estate, securities, or other antiques. Prices for certain models of retro cars are growing by 10-15% per […]

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a Great Investment

I got a phone call from a prospective client this week looking for a pre-purchase inspection on a 1968 Mustang Fastback being sold by a dealer. One interesting aspect was […]

Celebrity Car Collections that Will Leave You Spellbound

Money makes people do a lot of things that can appear strange on the surface. Some people collect antique art while others spend it chasing the thrill of gambling, though […]

1988 Bentley 8

FOR SALE: 1988 Bentley 8 More information on the listing page.    

Drive Festival *** This Weekend

Sep 10-12 at Motorsport Park

How to Make Long Car Rides More Entertaining

Even the biggest car fanatics on earth can hold their hands up and admit that long car rides are boring. Your legs start to ache, all the roads start to […]