Bramhall Classic Auto

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Claims People Make When Selling a Classic Car (Part 2)

I have seen it all when it comes to claims owners make on their classic car. Sometimes they are erroneous claims that could be considered honest mistakes. Other times, a […]

Looking to Save Money for Your Dream Car? Here Are A Few Ideas To Help You Get Started!

Owning their own dream care is wishful thinking for a majority of people, unless, of course, you win a lottery somehow and end up with millions in your hands – […]

1995 Mercedes-Benz SL600

A rare automotive classic.

1965 Jaguar E Type Roadster

The ultimate classic Jaguar OTS

The Best Electric Revivals of Classic Cars

Many owners of classic cars are giving their rides an electric makeover

1957 Ford Thunderbird

FOR SALE: 1957 Ford Thunderbird This car has been 20+ years with this owner. More information on the listing page.    

1968 Jaguar E Type Roadster Series 1.5 BRG

Do nothing, get in and drive