Claims People Make When Selling a Classic Car (Part 2)

I have seen it all when it comes to claims owners make on their classic car. Sometimes they are erroneous claims that could be considered honest mistakes. Other times, a more nefarious plot is underway. As a prospective buyer it really pays to do the due diligence and verify each claim a seller makes about their car. Here are some of the claims I have heard over the years… along with the reality behind each claim.

CLAIM: “This car was in the Queen’s household service.”

REALITY: The Queen Mother was driven in it once to a horse racing meet and there are no photographs to confirm it.

CLAIM: “I bought it at an auction and they announced that it had a matching numbers engine.”

REALITY: Auction houses make no effort to verify claims made by vehicle owners, buyer beware.

CLAIM: “Dealer sold the car as an “Executive Driven Head Office Vehicle” clean Carfax report.”

REALITY: Entire back lower components replaced with parts from wrecking yard. Vehicle had three body colours and many panels didn’t line up properly.

CLAIM: “Van has passed franchise dealer Platinum Used Vehicle programme inspection. Clean Carfax report.”

REALITY: Entire nose section rebuilt using body parts made in Vietnam.

As you can see, there are different ways that a classic car can turn out to have a story that is quite different than what is originally reported. Take your time to find out the verifiable facts when purchasing – or hire a professional to conduct a professional pre-purchase inspection. It can save you a fortune.

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