Status: Sold
Year: 1955
Make: Bristol
Model: 405
Price :


Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Class: Classic
Body Style: Sedan
Engine: 6 cyl.
Transmission: 4-speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Mileage: 76316

Upholstery: Leather
Doors: 4
Exterior Colour: Ivory
Interior Colour: White
Exterior Condition: Very Good
Interior Condition: Good
Mechanical Condition: Very Good
Chassis Condition: Very Good
Trunk Condition: Very Good

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FOR SALE: a 1955 Bristol 405 

This car has been in the owner’s family since it was bought new in 1955. The car has been treasured throughout its life and has hardly spent a night in the open. Always kept in a dehumidified garage when in Canada. It was used extensively for high speed touring in Europe by the owner’s parents. It was imported into Canada in 1988 and has been maintained by the owner, always being stored in a heated, dehumidified garage with regular fluid changes and only occasional use.

From the Factory Records:  “This car was despatched from the Bristol factory on 17th June 1955.  It was Porcelain Green in colour and sent to University Motors Limited (a UK Bristol dealer).  As it states on the bulkhead plate, the engine in the car should be no. 4053.  The number you show on the cylinder head (4071) originally belonged to the engine of a Red 405 despatched on 8th Jul 55.  The engine number is also stamped into the block casting on a small flat surface above the starter motor (routinely covered by paint).  Only by looking at that do you know whether you have the original engine, a full engine replacement, or just a replacement cylinder head.”

Early (in 1950s) the factory installed many modifications that included:
  • An alternator
  • Twin electric fans
  • Front Dunlop disc brakes & vacuum boost,,,
  • Revised air cleaners  + additional tuning to improve performance
  • Voltmeter + temperature gauge
  • Koni shock absorbers
  • etc.
The car is basically original except that it has been re-sprayed 3 times, present colour  (ivory) since 1960. Original leather, wood, etc. in excellent slightly worn condition. Replacement engine installed at 85,883 miles. Coopercraft 4 pot brake callipers recently added with greatly improved braking performance. A stainless steel exhaust system by Stebro is somewhat noisy but quietens when on an open road. Current mileage over 170,000, replacement engine is in excellent condition.
This car still cruises at expressway speeds carrying 4 passengers and luggage. The lightweight (2,700 lb.) and aerodynamic profile enables this speed to be achieved with its 2 litre engine. It is still capable of cruising at 100 KPH all day. Occasional use in Canada with trips to some major car shows and visits to Stratford etc.
Nearly complete documented history. The owner can give any information on the car and has a nearly complete service history for the early years, along with many books on Bristols. Workshop manual, original instruction book, etc. etc. Also many tools needed such as a BSF Whitworth socket set and wrenches. Also, many parts including gaskets, full new ignition system from Bristol, and complete original tool roll and other original  parts / tools that came with the car.
This gives the info on the engine and it is period correct. The owner is not sure if is a replacement engine or if the old engine was rebuilt by Bristol.
The engine type is 100B2 and the no. is #4071.

Buy this car for only $84,500.00 CDN., $62,500.00 U.S., or £55,000.00 GBP.

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All offers are gratefully received. We always make every effort to negotiate a good deal.

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