Status: For Sale
Year: 1962
Make: Jaguar
Model: E Type FHC
Price :


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Class: Classic
Body Style: Coupe
Engine: 6 cyl.
Transmission: 5-speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Mileage: 46000

Exterior Colour: Silver/Blue
Interior Colour:
Exterior Condition: Excellent
Interior Condition: Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Excellent
Chassis Condition: Excellent
Trunk Condition: Excellent

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FOR SALE: a 1962 Jaguar E Type FHC

This car has only covered 46k miles in all, it had only 40k miles on it when it was built into a race car. It could be reconverted into a street car with a new interior, glass, and standard fuel tank. The body work was not flared which is nice as it retains all original lines. It is fitted with a new unused stainless steel exhaust system from MC Wilkinson. The engine is a full Bill Terry unit, the box is a T5 close ratio. The rear is a race limited slip with extra bracing. The brakes are all upgraded. It is fitted with a pressure lubrication system. The specs for this car will fill a book.  You just have to buy and enjoy, for show, racing or a Sunday jaunt, it fits the bill for all!! Buy this extraordinary work of art for only $125,000US or $160,000.00 CDN.

Engine builder: Bill Terry, TJP, Benton, IL

Fuel System

Fuel Cell

Age: New

Capacity: -12

Fuel Pump: Dual Holley Blue

Fuel Type: 110 octane race fuel

Manufacturer: Jaguar

Type: 6 cylinder OHC

Displacement 4.2

Horsepower 380+

Torque 338 ft/lbs

Induction: Weber 48 DCOE

Heads: Jaguar

Block: Jaguar

Pistons ARIAS 372168, 67, 69

Camshaft: TJP-81

Total Time: 0.5/50

TJP Engine build sheet documentation available

Oil/Water System

Radiator: Custom

Water Rad Location: Front/standard

Water Pump: Jaguar

Oil Cooler: yes

Electrical System

Ignition: Mallory

Alternator: Yes

Battery: 12V lightweight

Data Logger: none

Computer: none



Type: Tremec  T-5 dog box

Gears: 5

TransCooler: no

Rear End

Manufacturer: Jaguar

Type: Quaiffe limited slip

Cooler: no

Ratio: 3.54

Axles: IRS

Contact: Maurice Bramhall

Local: 416-822-0098 — Toll Free: 1-800-265-4187
Email: [email protected]

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