Status: Sold
Year: 1962
Model: Roadster Mk II
Price :


Body Style:

Exterior Colour:
Interior Colour:
Exterior Condition:
Interior Condition:
Mechanical Condition:
Chassis Condition:
Trunk Condition:

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SOLD: 1962 MGA Roadster Mark II

This car is at the end of a long term restoration. It needs a little detailing to complete. The mechanical has been done front to back. Great looking steel wheels with newer caps and tires. The interior has older leather seats and recent carpeting, door trim and a roof. The carpets are protected with rubber mats “as new”.

The side curtain valise on this ’62 MGA is mounted behind the seats in very good tear free condition. The roof has to be installed. The paint is a couple of years old, super bright. The lower body edges still need some detailing. The Roadster chassis frame is in excellent shape, the wooden floor panels are a recent install. The chrome bumpers and grill are like new. The grill is original, not a Taiwanese knock off.

Enjoy this from day one, spend a few hours to complete the details enjoy for years to come. Drive it anywhere!!

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