Status: Sold
Year: 1972
Make: Lamborghini
Model: Espada
Price :


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Class: Classic
Body Style: Coupe
Engine: V12
Transmission: 4-speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Mileage: 68,567

Upholstery: Leather
Doors: 2
Exterior Colour: Black
Interior Colour: Wine
Exterior Condition: Excellent
Interior Condition: Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Excellent
Chassis Condition: Excellent
Trunk Condition: Excellent

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SOLD: 1972 Lamborghini Espada

The Lamborghini V12 is one of the most desirable of automobile engines particularly when mounted in the most practical Lamborghini ever made. 0 to the maximum speed limit is quicker than in a Miura. Octane’s deputy Editor, Mark Dickson on the Espada that he jointly owns: ”We bloody love this car!”

This particular example is now in black which makes the car appear to be smaller and more sophisticated than most examples. The high quality (concourse) black paint is complemented by new burgundy / black leather upholstery and black Wilton Carpets. The car also has a new rosewood dash and wood trim. Brightwork is in near perfect condition. The engine runs beautifully and is fitted with Fram air filters, to better appreciate the engine’s music and electronic ignition to ensure reliability.

It is a delight to drive.

The car’s history is that it was a rust free Arizona car imported into Canada. It was purchased by Mr. Robert Hanna when President of Alfieri International Automobiles for his own use. He has been personally involved with the restoration work over some 20 years, including rebuilding of the engine. The car has been totally overhauled, parts sourced, and repaired as needed to bring it up to “as new” condition including Pirelli tires and brakes. This long process is now complete. The speedometer says that it has travelled 68,567 Miles. It has always been stored in a heated dehumidified garage since repainting with occasional drives to check its operation and exercise the engine during the restoration. It has only added a few hundred miles since the engine was rebuilt.

The car has many extras including:

  • 2 covers
  • Extensive literature on Lamborghini’s
  • Parts list and instructions and brochure
  • Matching Lamborghini wallet
  • Spare parts including 3 kits to rebuild the Weber carburetors

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