Everyone Has A Volkswagen Beetle Story

I just looked at a restored 1972 Beetle for a client. They always bring back memories of the 1967 car I had in 1970, and the Karmann Ghia coupe I had in 1971. The 1967 Beetle scared me to death on the 401 to London in the depths of winter, I sold it and bought a Peugeot wagon.

I found the Karmann coupe in Welland at a corner garage, it was against the law at the time to buy a car with a credit card so the garage put it down as four tires, $250.00. It was a great summer car, back and forth to Welland and St. Catharines from Guelph. It all went swimmingly until I needed a defrost system, of which it had none, the rockers had been rotted out and never repaired. The police stopped me in Guelph and gave me a ticket because I couldn’t see out of the windshield. The judge asked me to explain how much of the windshield I could see out of, the answer didn’t meet with his approval and I was found guilty. My wife at the time sold the car for the engine, for more than I had paid for it.


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