Advertising Policies

Bramhall Classic Autos does not accept advertising that either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective and/or dangerous products.

Also, Bramhall Classic Autos does not accept advertising for pornography, political candidates, or advertising made out to be editorial content.
Advertisements, promotions or links that are found to be unethical will be removed without question.

When visitors leave our site either by choice, or by clicking on a third-party link or advertisement Bramhall Classic Auto’s Web Advertising policies no longer apply.

We accept advertising but we do not endorse any products or services unless specifically stated or clearly labelled.

If you see any advertisement on this web site that you feel violates any of these policies, please contact us and we will review the matter immediately.

If your company is interested in advertising with us, please visit our “Advertise with us” page.