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Business Info: North York ON Work Phone: 416-837-7450
Categories: Car Accessories, Car Audio, Car Detailing, Car Parts and Products, Classic Car Products, Ferrari, High Performance Parts, Rims, Specialists, Tires
Business Profile:

ExotiCARe is a one-stop shop for taking care of all the needs of your luxury vehicle. Think of it, as your personal, automotive concierge. At your service!

Services include, but are not limited to:

Luxury & Performance Rim and Tire Setups
Paint Sealant (Autobrill)
Custom Audio/Video Upgrades
Performance Exhaust Systems
Custom made Carbon Fiber component replacement parts
Detailing at customer premises
Sourcing of Custom gadgetry and electronics –
Custom modification to vehicle interior/exterior
Garage Lifts – installation Design
Car Jockeying – vehicle storage and transport solutions
Bespoke creations
Custom Floor Mats
iPod/Bluetooth/Navigation – Complete OEM Integration
Prototyping one-off custom / creations

Call ExotiCARe before you want to buy, sell, or do anything to your vehicle!

Website: Exoticare.ca

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