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Business Info: 4605 Kent Avenue Niagara Falls ON Home Phone: 905-353-1500
Categories: British Autos, Classic Car Restoration
Business Profile:

From muscle cars to British classics and racing tuned monsters to daily drivers, our goal is to help you realize an automotive dream, whereever along the fantasy-reality spectrum it may lie. We have the tools, talent and experience needed to provide you with the best service possible, at the best price, with the best results.

We specialize in:
Concourse Restoration
Pro Tour and Full Customization
Hot Rods
British Imports

With complete services for:
Sandblasting to Prime and Prep
Painting and Airbrushing
Auto Detailing
Interior and Exterior Fabrication
Custom Audio/Video Installation
Custom Part Design and Manufacturing
Special Order Parts and Accessories
Vintage Parts Locating
Wheel Design
Drive train Tuning and Modification
Suspension, Brakes, Oil and Other Basic Services

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