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Business Info: 13701 Highway #12 Manchester ON L9L 1B5 Work Phone: 905-985-8592
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At M&R Autobody, we have been restoring classics since 1977. From 1966 Mustang Convertible to a Chevette. We have even fully restored a 1964 ½ Ford Galaxy. The best part of working on these projects is that once the vehicle is finished, we have not only brought back the vehicle to its true potential, we have built a lasting relationship with the client.

• Frame Repair: All frames, whether suffering from rust damage or bends, can be repaired, re-enforced, and painted to suit the vehicle.
• Floor Patching: Its common in classic cars to have the floorboards rot out, especially if stored in a damp location. At M&R Autobody, we remove the effected areas and patch them. Or in extreme cases, cut out the entire floor and re-fabricate it.
• Panel Fabrication: As the popularity for classic cars continues to grow, parts on rare cars become impossible to find. Lack of parts shouldn’t keep you from restoring that diamond in the rough. We can custom fabricate panels onsite for any vehicle.
• Fibreglass: Have a fibreglass body? A fibreglass hood? M&R Autobody specializes in fibreglass repair and custom fibreglass fabrication.
• Complete Nut and Bolt Restoration: What does that mean? A full restoration. We take the entire vehicle apart piece by piece right down to the frame, clean up, paint, and reassemble the vehicle. Nice, eh?

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