The Professor’s Mustang Boss 302

I’m currently working on an island in the Pacific Ocean but the car I’m selling is stored in Vaughan.

I had a client very interested in a Mustang Boss 302 that’s being sold on the Internet and which is currently stored in Washington State. The seller was working out of the country and had arranged for the storer to collect the funds of the sale. The so-called seller had also arranged to steal the identity of a university professor as being the seller.

When we went online to check on the professor and her status, she existed and had a wonderful bio. The problem was that she didn’t own the car and there was a complicated arrangement where you had a limited time to see the car and hand over the money before you lost it for good.

The price wasn’t outstanding but it was a desirable model and had a good history. Obviously, we advised our client not to take the bait. This scheme wasn’t as outlandish as the tow truck driver in Texas who had found an Aston Martin in someone’s backyard and who said we could buy it if we sent $500.00 for him to secure the car, but it was convincing enough that a well educated professional would want to hire us to check the deal out.

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