These Things Make The New Nissan GTR Roadworthy; Are You Ready For It?

The Nissan GTR is in a class all its own; not your average sedan, it’s a sleek-looking sports car that definitely gets attention out on the road. It has an expensive-looking design without a high price tag. What’s most notable about the 2017 Nissan GTR is that it can handle the road with ease and is a thrilling ride for any driving enthusiast. The best part about the Nissan GTR is everyone will think that you spent a fortune to get everything you wanted in a car and then some — but you’ll know that you didn’t.

Nissan GTR for sale

Perhaps one of the biggest advances in the 2017 model are the exterior design upgrades. The style of the new Nissan, as well as what is under the hood, are both extremely cool. The interior has also been given a facelift, with a completely new dashboard that puts connectivity and infotainment at the tips of your fingers.

A car known for its sports performance, the Nissan GTR for sale, has a six-cylinder engine that is unparalleled in its class. More powerful than ever before, it has 565 horsepower and 467-pound feet of torque, which can give other cars in this class a run for their money. Going from 0 to 60 in three seconds puts this lower-priced sports car into a whole new category of awesomeness.

Although it costs slightly more than a sedan, the Nissan GTR still gets excellent gas mileage for the size and power of its engine. When you are showing it off around the city, it gets about 16 mpg, and it gets 22 mpg when you open it up to full capacity on the highway. It is one of the few sports cars that are practical and economical for day-to-day driving.

The 2017 Nissan GTR isn’t a weekend sports car that you can only take out when the weather permits. It has an all-wheel drive capacity that allows you to go all-terrain and handles ice and snow with ease. Included in the Cold Weather package, for those who live in colder regions, are all-season tires that contain a special type of coolant that keeps you safe on the road.

Designers of the 2017 Nissan GTR knew that handling was integral for this car. They put a lot of technology and thought into making sure that the GTR could outperform even some of the most prestigious sports cars. The adjustable shock absorbers make for a smooth transition in all types of driving conditions.

No expense in upgrades was spared on the 2017 Nissan GTR; it has noise cancellation and comfy seats to ensure that your driving experience is outstanding whether you are going across town or across the country. The 8-inch display allows for full integration with all your technology, which means that the car can convert into an entire entertainment package, with Bose speakers included. The rear-view camera also gives you the additional security of knowing what is in your path and can help those who aren’t all that good with parallel parking. An easy-to-maneuver feel allows you to find a place to park when you go urban.

What does a fast car need? A good braking system — which is good, because the Nissan GTR has one of the best in the industry. The braking test showed that it needs only 99 feet for the car to stop on a dime. The powerful brakes can come in handy when you are out on the open road and want to open it up.

Unlike other sports cars, the Nissan GTR has a cool and innovative design with all the upgrades. What it doesn’t have is the high price tag that can prevent someone from getting the car of their dreams. For someone looking for a high-performance, awesome and sleek-looking car, the 2017 Nissan GTR is the perfect way to make heads turn.

A powerful engine, excellent safety features, and state-of-the-art technology all combine to make the Nissan GTR the perfect sports car. It’s an excellent all-around car that doesn’t need the TLC, is more practical for day-to-day transportation, and it makes a huge impression without putting a dent in the pocket.

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