What Do You Learn From A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

When buying a classic car, either modern or old, a pre-purchase inspection is an excellent foundation for long term enjoyment. Knowing what the vehicle needs today to operate safely and enjoyably, and knowing what it is going to need in the immediate future, helps you make a decision on whether to buy the car, and also what kind of offer is realistic. A pre-purchase inspection is an excellent tool with which to negotiate the purchase.

It’s not unusual that the seller does not know the current condition of the car and what it will cost to recondition it to safe and normal operating condition. This is especially true for vehicles that are being sold by an estate where it may have been sitting for several years. When the person selling the vehicle is a spouse or an inheritor, they often have no knowledge of the true condition of the vehicle and its value. It’s a common situation where the long time owner of the vehicle often tells his spouse and family members what great condition the car is in and how valuable it is, but, in the true light of day, after they have died or become infirm, the market does not support the owner’s opinion. A pre-purchase inspection along with research of the current market will help in educating both parties to the transaction.


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