1999 BMW 328iC (E36)

1999 BMW 328iC (E36)
FOR SALE: 1999 BMW 328iC (E36)

This BMW has never been exposed to winter, the body is totally corrosion free. More information on the listing page.



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The Myth of Originality

Originality often has a religious connotation in respect to classic cars. There is now a fashion where totally original “barn find” cars are being venerated with very high auction values. But in real life most of us want a car that offers enjoyment, some level of comfort and the ability to share the experience with our family, friends and collector community.

Having spent some years in the restoration world I got to meet Concours fanatics. One of my clients had his fascia from his Thunderbird on the dining room table for 6 months for the purposes of detailing, the family ate somewhere else. The quest for 99.9 points can be a real burden, but a burden that some of us enjoy. I always suggest to my clients that they enjoy their classic car in the manner that they like.

Originality can get in the way of safety and comfort for no great purpose. My standard advice for improvements for classic cars are, power steering, power brakes and electronic ignition. I also ad to that, if the driver is used to driving only modern cars, getting in a Classic (pre 1974) demands recognition that it can’t stop and steer in any way close to that of the most basic modern car. Letting a family member drive a Classic car without this up front advice can be dangerous to the car and the driver.

One last thought, I drove a white 1974 MGB for many years, I discovered early on that vans and trucks with high mirrors couldn’t see me on their passenger side, so I learnt to keep a safe distance.


Lipstick on a PigLIPSTICK ON A PIG
Avoiding Life’s Lemons

Lipstick on a Pig features excerpts from the vast library of Maurice Bramhall’s experiences.


How Mobile Technology Is Improving Driver Experiences

Currently, we are in the realm of a technological revolution, and mobile technology is a huge part of this innovation. Cars are being developed with the latest in connectivity controls and handy features to make the driving experience safer and customized. Alongside in-car technology, smartphones are also integrating with everything from homes to vehicles, and this fluidity between devices is bringing a host of benefits for drivers. Car companies and manufacturers are creating the next generation of vehicles to bring drivers safe, secure and efficient modes of transport that also offer maximum productivity controls. Take a look at how technology is revolutionizing the car industry, and how it could affect your driving.

Connectivity on the go

With the demand for connectivity everywhere you go, it is no surprise that the latest car models are equipped to handle everything from telephone calls to Internet access. Many cars that are purchased in the current market are considered based on their connectivity features as a priority over other aspects. It’s not just the standard features that also attract people to newer models, but also that of how well they integrate with the latest smartphones. For users, this enables productivity on the go and personalized information at the touch of a button.

The future of data collection

Your vehicle collects tons of data about the performance, safety, and condition of each element of your car. This information at present is used by mechanics and garages to diagnose faults and repair your vehicle, but in the future, it could be used for a host of other things, which could, in turn, be used by third parties. There is a gray area surrounding data usage and collection about cars and how much of it is based on information about the driver, but as this sector develops, it will be questioned significantly to protect the privacy of consumers.

Apps improving car journeys

Mobile technology is often associated with smart applications on your phone, and there is a host of popular apps that improve journey time and fuel-efficiency. This innovation in apps makes it easy to access the latest tools to enhance driving experiences, but as with other features you have on your phone, it will be using the data collected to feedback information to the developers and potential third parties. After you’ve used these apps, you can make sure everything is deleted to protect your privacy, and this resource from Secure Data Recovery explains the how you can delete your private information from well-known platforms.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the next generation of cars will be interconnected to car companies and potential government bodies in the future, which could mean being in complete control of your vehicle might be a thing of the past. Companies are heavily investing in this area, and iconic brands such as Tesla are leading the way in self-drive, eco-friendly and connected vehicles. It’s an exciting time for car production, and technology is the perfect way to complement its progression.


1959 Bentley S1 LHD

1959 Bentley S1 LHD
FOR SALE: 1959 Bentley S1 LHD

This car has been in the owner’s family since 1969. More information on the listing page.




British Car Day 2018

British Car Day in Toronto

Hosted annually at Bronte Creek Provincial Park (just west of Toronto) by the Toronto Triumph Club, British Car Day features over 1000 beautiful classic cars, bikes and buses.

This show is of interest to any level of enthusiast or those just plain curious. It’s totally relaxed, bring your car, truck or bike, it’s not a snooty Concours.

Are you buying at British Car Day? We can help by providing professional appraisal services.

If you are new to classic car buying or are looking for a set of experienced eyes and ears to augment your own, Give us call. We are ready to help, our fees are more than reasonable!

British Car Day
September 16th, 2018
Bronte Provincial Park
Oakville Ontario

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