Unusual Classic Car Finds – Part 1

In the early ‘90s we got a call to go and see a collection of cars and memorabilia that was uncovered in a barn at Victoria and Eglinton. As any Torontonian would know, there are no barns in that area. As it turned out there was a small barn behind a house. In the barn was a Pierce Arrow that fitted with about 6” inches to spare at each end, how they got it in there was a real mystery. Along with the car were numerous old gas pumps and hood mascots. Along with the contents of the barn there were other cars from the ‘30s stored in Paris, ON.

The background to the cars was that the deceased owner had been a restorer for the Craven Collection. The Craven Collection sent classic car exhibitions to shopping centre malls all around Ontario to promote Craven cigarettes. As friends and family members arrived, the scene got quite hectic, items disappeared with little control.


Lipstick on a PigLIPSTICK ON A PIG
Avoiding Life’s Lemons

Lipstick on a Pig features excerpts from the vast library of Maurice Bramhall’s experiences.


The UKs most dangerous drivers revealed?

What can 25,000 incident reports show you? For road accident solicitors, Your Legal Friend, an remarkable amount! The UK specialists took 25,000 reports from their info stores and discovered some striking data about UK drivers. Lock in; it’s time for a few factoids!

This is a mans world

An incredible 70% of drivers who are answerable for road incidents are men, as indicated by this analysis at any rate. Could this unequivocally end the generalization that ladies are the terrible drivers? Regarding who will probably be more likely to suffer a crash, the numbers were substantially more equally split, with 59% of the casualties in car accidents being male.

Age is just a number

While we may think that it’s young men skewing the numbers in favour of the female of the species, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s the boy racers who are to blame for most accidents. It was discovered that 30 year olds were considerably more prone to cause a mishap; possibly those high premiums are doing their job to make young drivers more cautious! Unfortunately for those in their 30s however, the age at which you are well on the way to be victim of an accident was 32.

Tell me more, tell me more!

Summer days, do they make you think of auto collisions? We tend to connect road accidents with the colder months, with wet or frigid street. Your Legal Friend found that accidents will probably occur on a Friday and in July. Who knows why? Possibly the late spring sun makes our driving more joyful? Or then again perhaps the English climate makes our July’s wetter than we would suspect.

Location, location, location

A collision from behind was observed to be the most widely experienced sort of crash with a large 38% of all crashes. Other types of impact were junction crashes, which represented only 13%, and collisions on roundabouts, which came in at 6%.

The beautiful south
Up north, Halifax and Liverpool were 1 and 2 separately for areas with the most crashes. Additionally down south, Poole and Waltham cross were 9 and 10 on the rundown. In spite of the fact that, Barrow highlighted at number 8 and Barking was number 4.

While we can have a touch of fun with the numbers, an auto collision is a genuine, conceivably life changing occasion. Genuinely, it can happen to anybody and casualties can lose their capacity to work or make the most of their life as they recover from injury. Specialists like Your Legal Friend give this data in the hopes of bringing issues to light of crashes in the UK.


1945 Fudge Snow-Sedan Manual Pages

Have a look at a few interesting pages from the original owner’s manual from a highly unique piece of Canadian transportation history. This vehicle operates today just as it did when new. Keep it at your cottage and have a blast in the winter! This vehicle is for sale now by Bramhall Classic Autos, see more info on the listing page.


1945 Fudge Snow-Sedan

1945 Fudge Snow-Sedan
FOR SALE: 1945 Fudge Snow-Sedan

This vehicle was built in the 1940’s and sold to farmers for rapid transport across frozen fields.. More information on the listing page.




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Coming Soon to Bramhall Classic Autos:

Fudge Snow Sedan

1963 Jaguar MkII Automatic

1970 Opel GT

1994 BMW 850Ci

1965 Mercedes 230SL

Ferrari F40

1970 Jaguar E Type

Check back soon for more details on these unique classics soon to be for sale.