FOR SALE: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am 2 door GT coupe – Low Mileage – one owner

1978 Pontiac Trans Am 2 door GT coupe for sale.

Interior: The front and rear passenger seats are in good low wear tear free condition. The driver’s seat shows wear on the left bolster of the cushion, the piping on the seat back is cracked in many places. The driver’s seat cushion is also very weak. Both door panels are in good low wear crack free condition, the chrome trim on the driver’s side is heavily worn. The fascia crash pad is in good crack free condition. The centre console is crack free. The roof cloth trim panel is coming unglued, the T-bar roof panels have a number of areas of wear and a number of scratches. The carpeting is in low wear condition, it is heavily bleached by sunlight.

Body & Paint: The paint finish continues to provide good protection, the paint and decals on the top surfaces are heavily oxidized. There are minor stone chips on the nose panels, there is a small dent in the hood. Both front fenders and the hood are in clean corrosion free condition. The roof cut-out on the left side has a worn paint area where surface corrosion has started. The front bumper is in good damage free condition. The chrome finish has worn through on the chrome trim around both grill sections. Both door skins are in very clean corrosion and damage free condition. Both rear quarter panels and the trunk lid are very clean. The rear bumper has cracking in the paint finish on the top surface. The spoiler is in very good damage free condition. The underside of the car has been extremely well protected since new and there is no visible corrosion or damage. The light fittings and lenses are in good crack free condition. The windshield, side door glass, rear window and T-bar roof panels are in good crack free condition.

You can buy this very special one owner car for only $40,000.00 Cdn.

Contact: Maurice Bramhall

Local: 416-822-0098 — Toll Free: 1-800-265-4187

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