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Most Popular Movie Cars of all Time

Cars of all shapes and sizes have had their fair share of Hollywood fame over the years, but only a few have remained prominent today. From fictional creations such as […]

4 Things to Avoid Doing When You Rent a Car

Drivers who have never rented a car before tend to make mistakes when signing their first rental contract. This might lead to unexpected costs, fines and unpleasant surprises. In this […]

Everyone Has A Volkswagen Beetle Story

I just looked at a restored 1972 Beetle for a client. They always bring back memories of the 1967 car I had in 1970, and the Karmann Ghia coupe I […]

British Car Day 2022

Buying at British Car Day 2022? We provide professional car appraisals.

1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Manual transmission

2000 Honda S2000

2 owners since new

Noble House Classics

Two months ago, I went to visit Noble House Classics in Almere, in the Netherlands. It’s a 35 minute Go Train ride from Amsterdam Central Station. I recommend a visit […]