Top Canadian Classic Car Shows to Attend

Canada is one place that feels like home for those who love classic cars. There are so many captivating classic car shows that happen all year. Whether you love the raw power of American muscle or the refined elegance of European classics, Canada’s classic car scene has something for everyone.

This article discusses several classic car shows happening in Canada. For the lovers of classical cars, the time has come to take note of some of the events they can check out. Get ready to behold the beautiful vintage automobiles displayed at these exhibitions.

Top Classic Shows in Canada

Before we proceed, make sure to check out Slotozilla CA for more options and information about having a fun, relaxing time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top Canadian classic car shows to attend:

Canadian International AutoShow, Toronto, Ontario

Starting off is the Canadian International AutoShow, which is one of the biggest and most popular car shows in Canada and is held in Toronto. Exclusive cars from the best car models are displayed. This is the place where car lovers from the whole world come to see a very remarkable collection. This show also reveals the latest and most innovative cars of our time.

The Canadian International AutoShow goes all the way back to 1972 when it did its first showcase. The facility covers over 600,000 square feet of exhibit area. It is now a major global attraction for car lovers and enthusiasts, as well as intrigued visitors. Looking for a classic car show with added flavor? Look no further; this is the one.

British Columbia Custom and Classic Car Show, Langley, BC

This is the longest-running car show on the lower mainland, and it draws the traction of car enthusiasts and collectors from across North America. It displays hundreds of custom and classic cars. It shows the appeal of automotive craftsmanship.

The roots of the British Columbia Custom and Classic Car Show dig deep into the history of British Columbia. What sets this show apart is how diverse their vehicles are. They have meticulously restored classics and custom-built masterpieces. Anyone in attendance can trace the evolution of the automotive design and engineering of their favorite cars through the decades. Other things that happen at this event include:

  • Meeting car owners and car builders from across Canada;
  • Over two dozen trophy competitions;
  • Voting your favorites in the trophy competitions.

Spring Thaw Show and Shine, Calgary, AB

The Nifty Fifty’s Ford Club of Calgary hosts the Spring Thaw Show and Shine every year, so if you enjoy Ford cars, this event is for you. This show celebrates the iconic American automaker, showcasing classic Ford and other revered makes and models. People who attend this show are treated to a display of Ford’s automotive history and ingenuity.

Calgary’s Spring Thaw Show and Shine is more than just a car show. Every year, people from across Alberta and beyond come together to see the beauty of classic cars. This event is a testament to the legacy of Ford, a brand that has shaped the American car world for over a century. The show offers the journey of Ford from vintage pickups to iconic muscle cars.

Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Kemble, ON

This event, which takes place in Kemble, Ontario, brings some of the rarest and most elegant exotic cars from around the world. Each vehicle is meticulously curated, offering everyone in attendance a glimpse into the world of automotive excellence. You’ll get to see vintage sports cars and classic luxury cars, among others, on display.

The main attraction of the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance is the showcase of a wide range of automobiles from the 18th fairway in the Cobble Beach Golf Resort Community. Here are some of the additional things you can explore:

  • Vintage, exotic, and collectible models
  • Coffee events
  • The display of unconventional and less celebrated vehicles

British Car Day, Oakville, ON

This is the largest one-day event in North America that showcases only British cars. It is a celebration of British automotive heritage. All the lovers of these classic cars come together to watch the showcase from classic and vintage models to contemporary marvels. It is a testament to the enduring appeal and craftsmanship of these iconic cars. You get to see the elegance of Jaguars and the spirited performance of Mini Coopers.

Visiting guests are privileged to watch the gallery’s diverse collection of antique, vintage, and modern models, from partly refurbished, and in progress to concours-level cars and bikes. The event perfectly embodies a heritage of excellence in the universe of cars.

Other Car Shows in Canada

Classic cars are not the only car shows that you can experience in Canada. You may also look into other car shows. They include but are not limited to those mentioned below.

Show Name Location
Import Fest Toronto
Autofest Nationals Lakeview Park, Oshawa
Burlington Car Show Downtown Burlington
Storm the Falls Niagara Falls
Vintage Wheels and Wings Hamilton


If you have a passion for classic cars and either live in Canada or can travel there, you absolutely cannot miss these top Canadian classic car shows. Attendees have the opportunity to witness the fascinating evolution of automotive design and engineering throughout the decades as they are presented with a splendid array of carefully restored classics and expertly crafted custom-built masterpieces. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to meet car owners and builders from across the country and participate in over two dozen trophy competitions.

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