When It Comes to Classic Cars, They Are Always a Winner

When it comes to classic cars, few things match their style, their majesty, their beauty. What do I mean by that? Well, the thrill of cars is something that can be defined in many ways. Whether it is the love of the form, an admiration of the engine power, or the pure aesthetics of vehicles, there is something joyous to be gained from classic cars. Yes, classic cars are not a draw to everyone, but even the least interested parties may find it difficult to bypass the unadulterated engineering and design success of a classic Jaguar, a time-honoured Morris Minor, or the never to be matched shaping of the VW Beetle.

Cars are many things to many people and such is their attraction in a general sense, they are even now used as marketing tools and prizes. From game shows to casino floors, cars are seen as top prizes, not just because of their dollar worth or their practical advantages, but in many cases, they are a status symbol. When playing games like online slots, the incentives are many and the ways to play are increasing all the time, but few prizes beyond cash have the allure of a classic motor, and few things draw the eye like a pristine car just waiting for the winner to get behind the wheel and enjoy the leather upholstery as they rev up the engine.

Much like cars, car racing, and classic car collections, one thing about casinos is that they are not all about just winning, but also enjoyment. In many ways, it should come as no surprise that cars and casinos have a pretty long history together, so let us take a closer look. As a brief caveat, it must be said that when it comes to classic cars, collectors often see them as worth far more than money. Indeed, unlike cash prizes, they are to be permanently treasured and cared for, such is the drive of the classic car collector.

Cars And Casinos: A Natural Match with Shared Entertainment DNA

Cars are far more than a mode of transport. From the exhilaration of high-speed Grand Prix to the endurance of Le Mans 24hr, the joy of Moto GP to the thrill of desert terrain motorsport races, cars are entertainment. Add to that the classic car side of things, and the fact that they are often used in advertising, for promotional purposes, and to sell lifestyles as well as the motors themselves, and you will see that casinos and cars do indeed share some of the DNA that runs through the high-end lifestyle and entertainment world.

In terms of prizes, cars have been used for decades. Look at any television game show and, in many cases, the top prize is a car. From the Ferrari to BMW, the Maserati to the Jaguar, even an outside chance of winning such a thing is as inspirational as it is exciting and enticing. Just take a trip to one of the many classic car events around the world: you will soon see the passion, devotion, and affection people have for cars in every form, of every vintage. Is it any wonder that using a car as a promotional prize is so fitting in casinos?

To circle back, we can find cars being used as prizes in casinos as far back as the early 1980s. At the time, many of the storied casinos on the Las Vegas Strip were offering everything from cash and car combinations to just cars as prizes. This functioned as a superb incentive for players, as well as providing excellent exposure and advertising for the motor vehicle industry – they were both winning. Today, the same is true, with classic cars, sports cars, and new cars all being used by casinos in both prize and promotional campaigns – something that is likely to continue.

When The Car Is The Star…

There are millions of cars used around the world every day. From school runs to shopping trips, long distance drives to short hops for holidays, cars are functional, practical, everyday use vehicles that many of us take for granted. There are other circumstances, however, where a vehicle is far more than just a method of getting from here to there, there are times when the car really is the star.

Having been at an international car show in London lately, I was able to see firsthand the absolute devotion so many people have to cars. From the stunning Camaro to the sleek Jaguar, the classic cars that defined the early driving era to the pure class of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley collections on display, I can think of few other things that draw people in and build the excitement that I often see among the poker players at a casino, for example. It’s astonishing what kind of magnetism they seem to have… but less so when you think about how much we love cars.

From the images we see in classic James Bond movies to the classic scenes at World Series of Poker events, how and in what you arrive is a sign of success. We all know that cars are a status symbol, as well as a collection item, and that cars often display who people are and what lifestyle they live. Perhaps that is why casinos and cars really are a match made in heaven. It’s a heady blend of entertainment, style, image, and so much more. Cars are so much more than just a ride, and that is why, perhaps, we love them so much.

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