4 Things to Avoid Doing When You Rent a Car

Drivers who have never rented a car before tend to make mistakes when signing their first rental contract. This might lead to unexpected costs, fines and unpleasant surprises. In this article, we’ll list the 4 most frequent pitfalls that you should avoid.

Use the Services of an Unknown Company

Here is a checklist of a top-notch car rental company:

  • Has a long history
  • Has a nice and functional website as well as profiles on social networks
  • Offers a large fleet of high-quality cars
  • Its prices are competitive: not too cheap but not too expensive either
  • Accepts various payment methods and currencies
  • There are discounts
  • Can boast an extensive branch of strategically placed offices
  • Managers speak several foreign languages, are available through various communication channels and are ready to attend to customers 24/7
  • Technical maintenance is included in the rental price: if something goes wrong, a mechanic will quickly come to you at any time of the day to fix the car on the spot or take it to the garage
  • Clients leave positive reviews about the company and give it high ratings

It would be amazing if your acquaintances could recommend such a company to you. Otherwise, check people’s reviews online and glance through independent ratings. Compare the conditions of large international networks and smaller national ones. The latter might be more client-oriented.

Paddock Rent A Car can serve as an excellent example of a car rental company in Dubai. It’s a well-known brand that people from all over the world trust. Paddock specializes in premium cars of all sorts: SUVs, sportscars, minivans and so on. Its prices are rather affordable for Dubai. Customers praise the professionalism of this company’s managers.

Let Another Person Drive the Rented Car

Only those people whose names are mentioned in the rental contract have the right to drive the vehicle. Many companies will allow you to add a second driver to your contract. This person needs to meet the same requirements as you:

  • Be aged 18 years or older (in most cases)
  • Be aged 21 years or older if you rent a premium and powerful car, like a Ferrari
  • Have a valid driving license
  • Come with you to the rental office
  • Show their passport to the company’s manager

If the police stop you and there is someone else behind the wheel, you’ll get a fine if that person is not mentioned in the contract.

Forget to Ask About the Fuel

Some companies would give you a car with a full tank. Others rent out vehicles with empty tanks. You should find out in advance about their pricing policies for the fuel. If the tank was full, you’re supposed to make it full again before returning the car. Otherwise, the price of the fuel will be deducted from your deposit.

Drive Where You’re Not Allowed to

The list of restricted locations might vary from one rental company to another. Typically, you won’t be able to go abroad in a car that doesn’t belong to you. Most likely, you’ll be asked to avoid offroad driving because sand, water, stones and dirt can damage the vehicle — and you’ll have to cover the repair expenses from your pocket. Besides, there might be limitations on the mileage. If you want to go to another region of the country, it would be wise to use public transport to get there and then, rent a car from a local company.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this was an informative read and now you better understand which four mistakes you should avoid when renting a car. Use the services of trusted and reputable companies that have been around for a while. Don’t allow other people to drive your rented vehicle unless it’s someone whom you officially added to your contract. Find out whether you should return the car with a full tank or it’s not necessary. Drive only on high-quality roads and avoid getting too far away from the location of your rental company. Many companies have loyalty programs for clients who come back to them regularly. The more diligently you’ll obey their rules, the larger discounts and other pleasant perks you might expect to get. Plus, your driving experiences will be totally positive!


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I found the Karmann coupe in Welland at a corner garage, it was against the law at the time to buy a car with a credit card so the garage put it down as four tires, $250.00. It was a great summer car, back and forth to Welland and St. Catharines from Guelph. It all went swimmingly until I needed a defrost system, of which it had none, the rockers had been rotted out and never repaired. The police stopped me in Guelph and gave me a ticket because I couldn’t see out of the windshield. The judge asked me to explain how much of the windshield I could see out of, the answer didn’t meet with his approval and I was found guilty. My wife at the time sold the car for the engine, for more than I had paid for it.


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